No Added Sugars


Minerals & Vitamins In Every Sip

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Bhoomi Cane Water is made without adding any artificial flavors, but with the love of nature. We cold-press the freshest sugar cane from local farmers so that our drink is filled with the most electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and provides hydration that keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated. The benefits are endless, and you can even use all flavors as party mixers or a after-party boost.


Energy Boost

Cane water is nature’s energy drink as it provides a natural supply of complex carbohydrates for a healthy and sustained energy boost.



Cane water is a rich source of antioxidants. It contains flavonoid and phenolic compounds which work as an anti-inflammatory to support a healthy body.


low glycemic index

Cane water is known to have a low glycemic index that promotes healthy metabolism and prevents a steep rise in blood glucose levels upon consumption.


nutrient rich

A great source of B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium and trace minerals. Cane water is a “whole” food as nature intended.



Cane water is full of electrolytes and minerals so it rehydrates the human body when fatigued from heat or physical activity.


immune support

With a healthy supply of vitamin C and antioxidants, cane water is known to stimulate and boost the immune system and to reduce infections.


ayurvedic wisdom

Ayurveda focuses on creating mind and body balance and provides guidelines for healthy living. Cane water is revered in Ayurvedic principles for it’s amazing holistic health properties.


stress relief

The amino acids found in cane water support balanced hormone levels.


alkaline forming

Cane water has a high concentration of calcium, potassium and iron which helps to neutralize acidity in the body, reducing the risk of illness and disease.


digestive aid

Cane Water is a great source of potassium and essential enzymes which help with overall gut health and supporting the digestive system.